Hi my name is Rosemary, I from NYC. I have always loved to draw and be creative. As a kid I spent hours drawing pictures or coloring in my coloring book. I remember I use to cut cardboard boxes into houses by cutting doors and windows into them. I always knew that I wanted to be an artist, but what kind of artist, that was the question.

Somewhere along the way I forgot my dream and when I went to college I was a bit undecided about what would I do for the rest of my life! Then I remembered-WAIT I wanted to be an artist. Since I knew that I loved to be creative and I wanted to make things, I choose to study Architecture. I studied architecture and I currently work in an architecture firm.

However, I found myself not drawing or being creative for a while; realized that I missed it and that I needed it. So I bought myself a little black sketch book and sharpie and started drawing away. At first I thought it wouldn’t be the same but when you love something, it never leaves you. It felt so great to start making things again that I ran with it.

I carry my sketch book and sharpie on the train, bus, airplane, (yes airplane). I start my drawings with my sketchbook and sharpie then I transfer it to Photoshop to add color and texture. So far they are abstract pieces but we will see where I go from here.

I decided to take this passion project a little further and joined the online community.
I look forward to meeting new artists and I hope to bring something to the virtual table.

Please check out my twitter page :@rosemaryestrell or
facebook: Rosemary Estrella Digital Art
Etsy: RMEstrellaDigitalART


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